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Colorado Springs Google My Business Gmb Optimization

Services Provided & Categories

Proper category selection of your business allows Google to understand your business better and know what keywords to show your company for. Selecting the correct categories that accurately depict your business makes sure you show up when you want to. To take this a step further, you can add numerous different service sections into your profile to accurately describe each type of service you offer and also gives you a chance you throw some keywords into each section which will create relevance in Google’s eyes.

Locations Served

Your service area plays a big role in where your GMB profile will show up, but don’t expect a wide service area to mean you will show up across all of it. Google limits you to 20 service areas and it’s usually best to include all of the zip codes closest to your business address. There is a lot more that goes into ranking your GMB location however, selecting the most relevant areas is a great place to start. 

Map Embeds

Website Embeds

Once your profile is fully optimized within the GMB dashboard, the next step is to embed your GMB into your website. Usually this will go on your home page near the bottom and/or on a location specific page if you are targeting numerous areas or have numerous GMB locations. This is a great way to show a map of your service area as well as showing your review rating to anyone that may not have seen it yet.

Location Pages On Website

Creating location pages on your website that target specific cities like Colorado Springs and suburbs like Briargate or Old Colorado City will make your website more relevant to Google in those areas. When search engines realize you are a relevant business in those areas, your website and GMB profile will rank higher across your service area. This can be an extremely beneficial asset to your business as the map pack is where customers can find your business and read reviews which is also placed above the organic search results for some searches.

Location Page Setup
Gather Reviews

Reviews & Reputation

For local businesses, especially home service based businesses, 85% of searchers look at reviews on your GMB and other directory profiles before making a decision. This is your chance to outshine your competitors by having the best rating and lots of reviews that speak highly of your business and the customer service they received from you. Reviews are also a great chance for Google to understand your business better when reviews have keywords in them from 3rd party reviewers.

Consistent Photos & Posts

Posting images and content consistently on your GMB profile can give you a major boost in rankings as Google loves to see businesses that are actively putting out fresh content for their clients. It’s also a great place to add relevance to your website by categorizing your posts and linking them back to a relevant service page on your website. Images also help show your customers and Google that you are a real business that does great work.

Create Content

Holding #1 In The Map Pack Is Essential For Local Business

When you perform a Google search for some type of local business, the first thing you see is Google Ads, the second is the Map Pack. Typically it holds 3 to 4 different GMB locations including their name, phone number, location and review ratings. Showing up in this map pack can bring an incredible amount of visibility and traffic to your website.

Some businesses show up without even having a website based on their reviews alone, but for most niches this is not the case. A lot more goes into it than just reviews and that’s where we come in. We tackle every possible step of optimizing your GMB profile as well as your website to ensure maximum exposure when people are searching for services you offer.

Many different industries have various volume that can range from hundreds to thousand of searches per month in each metro area. If your business could benefit from thousands of new people seeing you, then contact Colorado’s best GMB optimization team and we can help you boost your profile to new heights and your revenue to numbers you never thought possible.

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