Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

A great place to start when organizing a Pay Per Click campaign is with competitor analysis. By looking at your competitor ads, you can find some great info on what they mention and combine all of the best info into your own ads. We always check your competitors as well as what other businesses are doing in large metro areas. With such a limited space to get your message across and increasingly expensive click costs, we make sure your ads are getting you the most bang for your buck at all times.

Keyword Planning

Planning out your keywords is how you ensure your ads are highly targeted at specific keywords and search phrases so that your ads are always relevant. This helps increase your quality score which lowers your cost per click and also helps increase conversions because searchers only see highly targeted ad copy that draws them in. Using a mix of exact match, broad match modified and phrase match keywords, we can ensure  your company shows up for all relevant keywords.

Keyword Planning
Audience Demographic

Location & Demographics

If you only service local customers, location targeting is absolutely crucial to the success of your campaign. We don’t want to show ads to people in Pueblo if you only serve the Colorado Springs area as those costs can add up very quick if not correctly implemented. Demographics can also make a big difference in how well your campaigns perform. We can alter bids and visibility based on income, gender and many more items so that your campaigns operate in the most profitable way possible.

Ad Group Structuring

Keeping your ads and keywords neatly separated into well though out ad groups keeps the wrong ads from showing for phrases that aren’t relevant. We group your keywords together within a common them so that we can use one well performing ad for numerous related keywords. Rinse and repeat this process for best results and the most targeted ad copy possible so that your campaign gets the best results.

Ad Group Structure
Data Analysis

Ad Creation & Variations

Compelling ad copy is your biggest opportunity to gain your customers trust and attention right away. We like to use a nice mix of answering possible customers concerns upfront about the service/product and social proof to show that you are a company they can trust. We then create multiple versions of our best ads with slight variations to see which ones perform best.

Data Analysis & Bid Adjustments

Once your campaign has ran for a while and accumulated enough data, we go through the account and find all of the best performing assets. From here we can adjust bids based on which keywords,  demographics, times and days perform better in terms of click through rates and conversions. 

Bid Adjustments
Split Test Variation

Split Testing & Improvements

With plenty of data to work off of, the next step is to pick your winning ads based on click thru rate and conversions. We take the winners and create numerous other ads that are slightly different in an effort to increase performance and find the best possible ad copy. Making adjustments to headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions our campaigns never stop improving.


After someone comes comes to your website, we are able to re-target them with more ads that show the customer why they should choose your company or product. This nurtures the leads and can improve conversion rates as some industries need much more brand engagement before a buying decision is made.


Pay Per Click Campaigns Put You At The Top Of Google IMMEDIATELY!

The great part about Google Ads, previously called Adwords, is that you can put your company at the very top of Google right away and start getting business. Ads are the first result that shows for most buyer intent search phrases which allows you to be the first things a potential customer sees when they search for services you offer.

This is why Google Ads is a great tool for companies that want new business right away instead of waiting on results from other digital marketing methods. Being at the top will cost you though. Depending on the niche you are running ads for, you will be charged a fee for every time someone clicks on your ad which can range from pennies to hundreds of dollars. 

Usually high ticket niches are more expensive per click than keywords that have a lot lower monetary value. However, these costs can also be reduced by increasing the quality score of your ads meaning that you can bid lower than your competitors and still be position #1 if you have a higher quality score.

If you are looking to get more business right away, your best bet is to start running Google Ads. When you are ready to get started, our expert PPC team will craft highly targeted ad campaigns that won’t waste your money in a matter of days so you can get your business off to a great start.

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