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market Research

Niche Research

The first step of every SEO campaign is doing niche research. We look at all of your competitor websites and far beyond to find every topic within your niche. Then with that we now have a well detailed outline of everything we can write about to ensure your website covers every side of your industry. This is key to showing search engines that you are an authoritative figure in your community and an expert of your industry.

Keyword Research

Digging deep into keywords gives a very detailed picture of exactly what people are searching for to find your services. Some will have thousands of searches per month and some will have very low search volume, but are still very relevant and worthwhile traffic. We focus on all keywords to ensure your website can rank on the first page for a variety of phrases to ensure full coverage of all niche related search traffic.

Keyword Research
Website Structure

Website Structure

How you structure your website makes a huge difference in how search engines process your content as well as how easy it is for users to navigate your site. Ultimately we want to make sure every visitor can find the exact information they are looking for within 1 or 2 clicks. This also helps keeps search engine crawlers able to find and index every page of your site with ease.

Content Production

Content is the backbone of any website. It explains your business, it’s values and services provided to customers who want to learn more about you. Quality content is essential to building trust in your visitors and showing them how much of an expert you really are which is why we take content creation very seriously. Also the more content you have about different aspects of your niche shows search engines that you are an authority, which can increase rankings.

Content Production
301 Redirect

Redirects & URL Scultping

A lot of websites have keyword stuffed URLs and numerous pages that are targeting the same keywords. This confuses search engines and can decrease rankings, which is never good. By creating useful and relevant URL structure, your visitors can easily understand what page they are going to and the information it should provide. To ensure you retain all of your websites power, 301 redirects are used to send traffic to old URLs to new valid URLs.

Internal Linking

Internal linking helps pass page rank to different pages of your website. When done right, you can push power from supporting pages to pages that you want to rank highly in search results for certain keywords. Internal links also provide a very useful way to give your readers easy access to other articles on your site that are related to the article they are currently reading. These internal link structures are commonly referred to as a SILO and are a key part of our SEO efforts.

Internal Linking

Backlinks & Citations

Citations and backlinks from other websites are a powerful too that shows a strong brand presence across the web. Search engines view citations as an effort made by businesses to make themselves visible across all directory platforms such as BBB and Yelp. Backlinks are links from other websites back to your website, which tells search engines that your website is relevant and of high quality for your industry. With both of these combined, it amplifies the authority that your site has and overall can help increase your rankings.

A Website Without SEO Is A Waste Of Time & Money

You may not want to hear this, but spending a bunch of money on a nice new website is a complete waste if you are not going to implement a proper SEO strategy. Fancy websites don’t mean anything if nobody can find your site when they search for businesses like yours. 

Secondly, being on page 2 or beyond is also a very bad place to give up on SEO efforts. Most searchers won’t even glance at page 2 so your business is losing a ton of valuable traffic just by not being on page 1. For reference, the top organic position averages about 32.5% of all clicks. The lower you are on page 1, the lower your click percentage.

So being in the highest position possible on page 1 will result in the most amount of traffic to your site. For most local businesses, this traffic can bring in millions of dollars of extra revenue every year. Let’s say you are a roofing contractor in a large city with over 1000 searches per month for roofers in your area. Being at the top of page 1 could bring in an extra 50 jobs a month. 

If you want to grow your business with the best SEO agency in a long term sustainable way, our SEO service is your best bet. It can provide you enough on-going work to hire more employees and take your business to new heights your didn’t think were possible. So instead of throwing money at flyers and mail outs, give a good thought to beefing up your SEO strategy so that more jobs go directly to you.

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